Custom Challenge Coins 101

What are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are used by the military to increase troop morale or even as a symbol of unique identification linked with pride. Possession of challenge coins denote special service committed to the country and/or membership of a specialized group to which many are called but few are chosen.

Custom challenge coins are symbols of respect and unity, strength and loyalty in others due to its uniqueness that symbolizes individual identity without compromising the group. Custom coins come in different shapes and sizes- traditional shapes come in coin-like figures, no larger than the size of one’s palm, but through time, custom challenge coins eventually transformed into many shapes and sizes, from shield-shaped ones to star-shaped coins, but the virtue and meaning of these coins still retained through time.

Types of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins originated from the military, gradually trickling to the general civilian population over time. Eventually, challenge coins were distributed within micro, small, and medium enterprises, large private firms, multinational companies, and even non-governmental organizations and transnational organizations such as the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (seeing NATO still as an international military organization, NATO still fits within the ranks of military challenge coins). To devolve the connotation of challenge coins as military, custom challenge coins were created to suit individual needs and as well as to embody a specialized organization’s missions and objectives.

Custom Challenge Coins

  • Military/Security Groups – Military Challenge Coins have a distinguished legacy in human history that dates as far back to the Roman Empire. During the epoch of Roman civilization, legions were awarded their usual daily salary along with an extra coin (which could be considered as the Challenge Coin retrospectively) when they complete special assignments ranging from reconnaissance missions to retrieval, among others. Challenge coins then were awarded similarly as medals are today.

    Perhaps the most romanticized and well-known history of the significance of the modern Challenge Coin dates way back during the First World War. It was, and still is, a tradition among military ranks to pass down challenge coins among ranks to promote unity and identification, however, there was an American air force pilot whose plane was shot down to hostile German territory in which he was captured and stripped off of all identification paraphernalia except for his Challenge Coin, which was inside a small leather satchel, to discourage escape.

    He eventually snuck out of the German camp and slugged his way to a French military camp. He was then presumed to be a German spy clothed in civilian attire and was immediately captured by French soldiers while he was seeking refuge. He was detained and sentenced to death but fortunately the Commandant of the French camp immediately recognized his Challenge Coin- and thus instead of the blade, he was given wine as a comrade-in-arms has been found.

  • Civilian ranks – Multiple non-military organizations have also begun using challenge coins to signify a member’s identification and association with a particular entity. The United Nations, particularly, hands out challenge coins to members of its Military Armistice Commission, and although a collection of different nations’ Armed Forces, if considered as an entity, it may be associated as an international paramilitary organization without a singular state governing over. Furthermore, members of national governments have also begun using challenge coins to identify persons in rank and as immense display of power and authority. Some have adopted the once-military tradition into the bureaucracy and as well as into private firms that have become national institutions over time.

Who are we?

Custom Challenge Coins 101

We realize the growing demand and trend of production and circulation of Challenge Coins from the military and within civilian groups, thus the demand for metals to produce the coins skyrocket at impossible prices. Here at Challenge Coins 4 Less, we realize that sentimental value should never be hurdled with economic challenges, that’s why we optimize our production capabilities to maximum efficiency to give our clients the best price for our quality services to deliver top-notch custom coins.

Usually, custom challenge coins come in different base metal compositions, from nickel to steel, from zinc-alloy to bronze. With the variety of pre-made designs and number of Challenge Coins circulating the general public and the military, it’s easy to mistake one design from the other and difficult to come up with unique designs without having the proper software or equipment for Custom Challenge Coin production.

At Challenge Coins 4 Less, we offer free quotations and a premium service to design your desired Challenge Coins.


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Why Tech Companies Choose Pcbnet For Mass Production

On the whole, products offered in the market today have pros and cons that you have to consider before buying them. When it comes to printed circuit board mass fabrication, we need to understand how they are actually made to ensure quality. If your business involves PCBs, we advise you to check out some important tips and insights to help you find the ultimate quality you need for your manufacturing needs.

Printed circuit boardsWith pcbnet, you are guaranteed to receive premium circuit boards that satisfy your standards and exact requirements. All you need to do is let us know what you want and we’ll be glad to provide.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of PCBs found in the market nowadays. This will help you determine the right provider for your electronic needs at more affordable rates.

Feel free to check out the following details and learn expert tips to guarantee you in getting the best circuit boards online:

1. Printed circuit board components are actually fixed

There is no complex wiring attached to the board; hence, it basically makes PCBs a simpler electronic component to use. Since the components within the board are easy to classify and use, it also make the boards unproblematic when it comes to maintenance.

2. Minimal concerns on wrong wirings and short circuits

Standard PCBs provided by pcbnet have minimal wrong wirings and short circuits in terms of production due to the presence of copper tracks within the boards. Another thing, they have little chance for short circuits because they are designed through computerized fabrication system.

3. No further inspection needed

Structured and tested by computer applications, further check up is not required anymore just to guarantee quality of PCBs; hence, we don’t need to be worried about short circuits or wrong wirings once the products are released in the market.

4. Inexpensive mass production

PCB AssemblyManufacturing multiple printed circuit boards with single design is actually simpler to do. It will only require printing the design while etching it onto the copper board. As a result, it is cheaper to produce PCBs compared to manually produced boards. You can save money from schematic design while you’re able to reproduce the design anytime you want.

5. Ideal for reproduction needs

PCBs are perfect for reproduction because they are computer generated. They can in fact manufacture standardized circuit boards through the help of similar schematic design; hence, fabricating printed circuit boards with identical layout is truly effortless to create for pcbnet.

Some Disadvantages to Consider

On the other hand, we also have to deal with some drawbacks to ensure that we are prepared for potential issues during fabrication of PCBs. So we are here to give you an idea of the possible disadvantages you may experience when it comes to printed circuit boards. Some of these drawbacks include difficult to repair PCBs when damaged, harmful effects brought by PCB etching to our nature, not updatable PCBs, and circuit specifications to effectively use the boards. Anyone who is involved in the PCB industry perfectly understands the entire fabrication process of these boards. For instance, copper finishes are commonly used in order to guarantee efficiency.

Where to Find the Best PCBs Online

PCBAt pcbnet, you are guaranteed to receive top quality and affordable PCBs needed for your business. All you have to do is let us know your exact requirements and our specialized team will produce the right circuit boards based on your specified needs. We will also help you in understanding the key concepts involved in the fabrication process so that you will know everything that is essential to your business.

Please feel free to call us today if you have other important concerns before you place an order on our website. Also, it is better to provide the complete details needed before the manufacturing process starts. Get free quotes when you dial our hotline number or check out the site for more information.

Different Types of Lanyards Brought by

Lanyards have a rich history. Ever since the French swashbucklers and soldiers used them as rope and weapon holders, these loops hanging around the necks have evolved and have become man’s best friends. Today, we can see them literally everywhere – in school, in the shopping market, and at work.

Lanyards serve great purposes. They can become holders for keys, flash drives, or anything small, which is likely to get lost. They can be for company or school recognition. They can also be for event organizations, for awareness movements and for fashion. Moreover, business-minded people can see lanyards as a good business opportunity. Because of these, lanyards are considered as among the most flexible and versatile products in the market. In addition, these are fully customizable, so each lanyard is unique in its own way.

However, not all of them are the same. In this article, we from will list down its various types, so you will know your options.

Polyester LanyardsThe polyester fabric, also known as the flat polyester, is by far the most popular type of fabric used to manufacture lanyards. This specific type balances the product’s quality and price. One good thing about polyester is that it is extremely flexible. Widths vary from 10mm up to 25mm. Furthermore, polyester fabrics are best known for their usage in several movements and awareness campaigns.

Polyester lanyards are created either by screen printing or dye-subliming them. Screen printing works best on simple images, preferably having three to four separated colors. However, dye sublimation methods, popularly known as heat transfer or digital printing, work best on multi-colored images. If the colors have gradients, and varying tones and tints, dye-sublimated lanyards print out vibrant and sharp texts and images.

We from feature high quality flat polyester lanyards for affordable prices. Widths of our lanyards can be 1”, ¾”, and even 5/8”. Furthermore, our lanyards have a standard length of 36”. Buyers can choose from the various free attachments that our company provide. Depending on the number of polyester lanyards, our price can go to as low as $0.57 per piece.

Nylon LanyardsNylon lanyards are among the best alternatives to polyester. Nylon gains popularity because of its shiny and smooth finish. Furthermore, the prints on these lanyards are precise, sharp and beautifully designed. The images and texts are well highlighted.

While nylon lanyards may cost a little more than a polyester lanyard, the polished and shiny finish makes up for this small difference. These usually have a laminate finish, but are still durable and long lasting.

Furthermore, nylon lanyards imitate the look of silkscreened products. Ours from are made out of only the best quality nylon available in the market today. Additionally, nylon makes the lanyard work best in wear and tear conditions.

Usually, nylon lanyards are available in one color lanyard, one color silkscreen, and one optional attachment. In our company, you can avail of fully customized nylon lanyard for just $0.61 per piece.

Tubular lanyardsTubular lanyards are well known to resemble the appearance and texture of tubular shoelaces. These are created from tube-stitched polyester, and are the most economical among the different types. In fact, this type is the go-to product of people who have limited budgets.

The slim appearance of a tubular lanyard is one of the reasons why people continue to patronize it. It is popular because it is extremely durable even after washing it for a couple of times. Furthermore, its widths of 10-15mm still provide a good printing area so it is perfect for souvenirs and marketing events.

Ours from are known as lanyards on a budget because we can offer them for as low as $0.50 per piece. With 5/8”, ½”, and 3/8” widths, buyers will receive five free attachments of their choice.

Woven lanyardWoven lanyards are popularly known to give a professional and elegant finish. The logo or text is directly woven on the lanyard, providing a more expensive look to it.

High-quality woven lanyards catch the interest of those who want to add simple texts and logos to the final product. In comparison to printing the design on top of the lanyard, weaving the texts imitates the look and feel of an embroidered finish, thus, the woven lanyards look more professional and impressive. These are also extremely durable. Even after many washes, the texts and logos will not wear off easily.

Our company sells woven lanyards for an economical price of $0.58, with widths of 1”, ¾”, and 5/8” of standard length 36”. We also offer five free attachments.

Lanyards are among the most sought after merchandises that anyone can purchase for a small price. However, we from still have the most affordable lanyards in the market today. The limited budget, however, does not sacrifice the quality of the items that we produce. For more information, visit our website and order your own customized lanyards today.

Golf Iron Sets And Why They Are Mainstays

Golf iron sets are undeniably a staple in any player’s array of golf clubs, regardless of the level of skill and experience. Their versatility and functionality as tools of the trade have definitely earned them a good reputation across the golfing scene. However, iron sets didn’t use to be this forgiving for every player, but to answer the call of times, they have continuously evolved throughout the years in order to adapt to the varying demands of different game situations.

Taylormade Golf ClubDecades ago, golf iron sets were only sold with blade style heads, with the weight of the material concentrated behind the center of the club face, hence the name muscle-back iron clubs. These kinds of clubs produce a great amount of feedback upon impact, making it a very reliable weapon for players with consistent swings as it can create very precise shots with clean trajectories. This was not the case for beginners and people having trouble with their fundamentals because muscle-back irons required greater skill and control to produce accurate shots. Nonetheless, they were still very popular choices among players of every kind because of their availability.

In modern days, only a few professional players choose to keep using muscle-back irons since they prefer having higher centers of gravity so as to work the balls for a trajectory suited to their liking. Some notable players who still stick to using clubs with blade style heads would be Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, and Dustin Johnson. Better players have attested that the design of muscle-back irons have a certain “feel” that enable them to assess any errors and subsequently adjust to correct those.

However, many people have opted to go for evolved versions of iron sets due to the ease of use and high performance they can offer.

In order to address the issue regarding the high risk of hitting errors surrounding muscle-back irons, cavity-back or perimeter-weighted irons came to be. The concentrated weight along the back of the club face for muscle-back irons was reallocated along the edges of the club head in order to create a more even distribution of momentum for every point of impact. Because of this redirection of weight, a cavity is formed along the area where you would commonly find material concentration for muscle-back irons, and this was how these irons started being called cavity-back. The lack of mass along the bottom of these clubs help balls become easier to come into contact with, and it also creates less spin which results to more leeway for mishits due to the reduced possibility of unwanted movement.

Golf Iron SetsThe rise in the use of cavity-back irons can be attributed to the modernization of the production methods for golf iron sets. Blades, or the muscle-back irons, are made traditionally using forging techniques to mold soft steel into shape. This high degree of labor-intensiveness is one of the reasons why muscle-back irons are more expensive. A good example of a forged club would be Mizuno MP-33 irons.

On the other hand, perimeter-weighted irons are created through a process called casting, wherein molten metal is poured onto a mould to create the club head. This manner of production is widely-acclaimed nowadays, with around 90% of all golf clubs sold manufactured using this process. Casting helps manufacturers maintain the level of durability they desire by assuring the precision of placement of hard metal without sacrificing the hardness of the metal. It also enables them to become more creative in adjusting iron club designs for the varying needs of different players. There is an astounding amount of clubs available in the market which had been produced through casting techniques. TaylorMade’s rac OS, and oversized cavity-back iron engineered for durability and high flight trajectories, and Ping S58, a blade iron that combined forgiveness and functionality, are both great examples among many other variants.

Taylormade golfIn recent years, titanium has also become a popular choice for casting because it is lightweight, but equally strong as steel. When combined with heavier metals, the resulting iron club heads are more resistant to unpredictable twisting, making ball-striking a breeze.

Earlier preconceptions throughout the ages have led people to believe that forged clubs are more difficult to handle compared to other kinds of irons, but this problem is more of an issue on structure and design, than production technique. Iron sets have definitely evolved continuously to ensure user comfort and performance, and this is why they have earned a significant place in every golfer’s bag. As we always say here, at, regardless of what material your golf iron sets are made of, or how they are designed, there is surely one out there that will be able to cater exactly to what you need.

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Rockbottomgolf is the biggest choice of golf clubs and golf hardware with the most minimal costs on golf equip anyplace, they have one and only point in their mind that is to simply give top nature of Golf iron sets to golf partners.

4 Things that Motivational Speakers Wrongly Take for Granted According to Motivational Speaker Success

For years, we, at Motivational-Speaker-Success, have been sharing the secrets that make up a good motivational speaker. Many have already succeeded in their own niche while some are still looking for a field that they can excel at. Unfortunately, some refuse to adapt and improve simply because they worship what they know and take many things for granted.

Could you be one of the motivational speakers who confine themselves in a stockpile of knowledge that has long been left out by time? We, at motivational-speaker-success urge you to look at motivational speaking from a bigger perspective and are one step closer to success.

1. Exposure to agencies.

speakerReally good speakers can find fame just by banking on word of mouth. That is a fact. However, would you really want to leave your future to odds if you can take a more drastic and active measure to cinch your success?
A lot of motivational speakers focus too much on the speaking engagement that they forget to consider inviting big agencies or famous agents to their event. Why do we think this is important?

Big events are effective ways of showing how well you handle large crowds and how influential you are. They are also great venues for the agents to see how the audience responds to you. Everything that they will see in the event will matter in their decision to sign you up and market you. That is basically how many famous speakers end up in TV shows and magazines.

2. Networking minutes.

A speaking engagement is never just about the speech, the sponsor, the audience, and yourself. It is also about the big opportunities to build a network, which is why most events nowadays allot one or two networking breaks to give people a chance to talk with each other, exchange business cards, and close an agreement.

Naturally, you, as the speaker, will be the center of attraction. Use your advantage smartly by picking the right people to mingle with. You would want to socialize with publishers, editors, media personalities, PR professionals, social media personalities, and other speakers even just for 15 minutes. Prior to the event, you should have already researched who the possible VIP guests are. Ask the sponsors and organizers for the details because they normally invite their own guests. Also, be familiar with the names and faces of the people who matter in your profession. You’ll never know when they may be sitting in one of your events.

3. Authorship opportunities.

A motivational speech is not just a speech. It is a potential chapter for a book or a contribution to a prominent magazine or newspaper. Trust us as we have seen a lot of success stories here at motivational-speaker-success. Do not let your speech go to waste after delivering it in an event. Submit it to publishers and newspaper offices alongside the photos and full details of the event, including the number of attendees, the names of the organizers and sponsors if any, the venue, and the structure of the entire presentation.

Book publishers are in constant search for authors that they can sell (and earn from) while newspapers are always looking for contributors to fill in some spaces. You will never know how far your speech may reach unless you try to sell it.

4. Webcast.

Many established motivational speakers offer webinars in their websites. This is a good strategy to reach audiences in the most convenient means. Surprisingly though, webcasting an event is still less common than webinars because of the amount of time and resources needed to successfully do one. You need more technical and IT staff to facilitate such live broadcasting across the web. You probably need some sort of special set-up with a server and other third-party cloud-service companies. Everything has to be preplanned and scripted, from the blocking to the camera shots.

Webcasting is risky and potentially draining. However, it is also potentially lucrative, and we are talking about big money here. Imagine how much you can earn from selling unlimited virtual tickets to potential audiences from the four corners of the world. The revenue may be enormous!

If this is a strategy that you are financially incapable of doing, you can look for sponsors, which you will be giving advertising rights to.

For fresher ideas on motivational speaking, always visit us at motivational-speaker-success.

Homes for Sale in Garden City, NY: Being Flexible Helps

There are some individuals who maximize the opportunity for their homes to be assets. The simplest way to define an asset is one that generates income. So some who would like to try looking into homes for sale at Garden City, NY only ask how many rooms or compartments do they have inside because they have already figured out which would they turn into bedrooms and which would get the multi-functional treatment.

garden citySome rooms serve as playrooms for kids. But once classes resume, letting the room stand idly by while the children are away would mean missed opportunities to make money, if you are a housewife. But just set aside the toys for the meantime and turn the room into a mini-office fit for accepting desk jobs like writing, proof-reading and similar tasks done during free time. Sure enough, being a home-maker has its advantages. It is a good start for using the extra rooms in the house for purposes other than what they are originally intended for.

Some homes for sale have kitchens spacious enough to cook food not only for the household but also for a home-based catering business. Not too big to find some spots unused but not too small that would get stuff cramped up, it should be spacious enough to accommodate the cooking stations and the food trays to be used. It usually starts as a weekender stint for those employed on weekdays.

Home-based business opportunities

homeA house that you can call your own is a good asset especially if you found one that can help your career and your business ventures flourish. It puts new meaning to “home-based business opportunities”. Family time is enjoying bonding moments while keeping an eye on your business. At least you can never complain anymore about your job taking your time away from your family. When your own children are growing, you would like to make sure that you are there to witness that yourself.

Everyone has their own definition of a dream house. And some folks, upon attaining the dream house stops dreaming. It is safe to say that these are the ones who missed the boat on these homes for sale – not too big and not too small either; just right for keeping the family intact and with rooms flexible enough to be converted from play pens to desk job stations and back. The dream doesn’t stop at attaining the dream home. It should serve as the tip of the iceberg in securing for a better future for the family. Gone are the days when the only source of income is a day job.


If you are facing foreclosure because you have been delayed in your mortgage payments for several months, most probably the lender is trying to force you to pay up. The lender may issue a foreclosure action which gives them authority to sell your home. The laws governing foreclosure are very strict and favor the rights of the lender, especially if you failed to pay your loan or if you knowingly missed payments.

In order to avoid legal repercussions which can affect your future purchase of property, you need to act immediately to resolve the matter.

lawOne thing you can do is get legal advice from a Long Island foreclosure attorney. He can act on your behalf, negotiating with the lender and working out mutual terms to avoid foreclosure of your home. He knows the best option in getting you out of the situation. He can give you sound advice to lessen the harm on your credit rating. He will help you manage your available finances, making it easier to pay the dues. Of course, he’s also capable of getting the payment period adjusted.

A Long Island foreclosure attorney with extensive experience in assisting people with this dilemma can explain possible ways to avoid the dreaded foreclosure of your precious home. He can help you decide on the best option for resolving your current situation by making you see the benefits of the different strategies available. He can also enlighten you on the foreclosure laws applicable in your jurisdiction.

Hiring a Long Island foreclosure attorney is important, especially if the bank or lender is threatening to file a lawsuit and your time is running out. You need to deter the action by dealing with the demands of the lender or engaging in legal battle. When the lawsuit is filed, you only have 20 days to respond to the court. If you fail to give a convincing or aggressive defense, the decision will favor the lender. In short, you will lose your opportunity to stop the foreclosure of your property.

Since attempting to reclaim your home is not an option, it is necessary to find the best Long Island foreclosure attorney to represent you in the court. In this situation, the professional knowledge and ability of your chosen attorney can turn the decision of the court in your favor and you will have the chance to enter an amicable settlement with the bank. To avoid court battles which are both stressful and costly, you need to make an early move to settle the problem.

Your attorney can also check if the bank or lender follows (or followed) every relevant law in attempting to sell your property. If he sees that there are loopholes, he can file a petition to stop the auction and request the matter to be investigated further. In case your application is not approved, your attorney can look into the matter and determine if the decision is fair and in compliance with banking laws.

The early intervention of a Long Island foreclosure attorney can also help you avoid other financial problems (like tax liabilities and deficiency judgments) which are additional burdens. Getting the assistance of an experienced foreclosure lawyer will give you access to many possible resources and facts that are unknown to the public. Without a doubt, these things can help you avoid losing your home.

At this point, it should already be clear how important a lawyer is when it comes to battling foreclosure. So, don’t be like those who chose to dodge the expenses associated with getting legal advice; don’t think twice about hiring an attorney.